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Intro :
Trigger Happy is a project (written in python with django) which aims to be a free and opensource alternative to IFTTT.com.

Trigger Happy can be defined as a micro ESB.

And here we go (again:) :
2 months ago I published the version 0.8.3 which was the last release working only with Python 2.7.x.
Since the release of Python 3.4.0 and some very interesting features (that I still try to exploit to improve Trigger Happy), I decided that was the moment to dive into Python 3 with Django Trigger Happy. It’s now a thing done. After 2 month to dig if all the existing services I used were compatible, I finished by releasing a 0.9.0.

So in the version, a few things changed in the core (almost nothing in fact). I just consolidated the most part of the code to be able to be used with python 3.4.x and third party lib for each service we would like to use like Evernote, Pocket, Readability.

  • Actually just Pocket provides a Python 3 version installable from pip command.
  • Evernote provides also a Python 3 version but only from github, as no final official release from Pypi exists yet, we have to install it by hand, which is not very pretty simple compared to pip.
  • For readability It should be Ok for python 3 too, soon.

All of this justify the choice to switch from Evernote to Pocket as the default service used by Trigger Happy to store your news/stuff/whatever.
About the Front part, I migrated from Bootstrap 2 to 3 and add some little things to be easier to use.

All was not painless but now everything works fine (again;)

Read the docs :
I also pushed the doc on readthedocs.

Roadmap :
What Do I plan now ?

  1. Improving Trigger Happy to be faster by using asyncio or equivalent
  2. Improving the UI of Trigger Happy. When you see IFTTT and Trigger Happy, you can imagine the work to do to reach the same UX. But as i'm not a designer I do simple things, but things that work
  3. New service(s) ? : Some months ago I did a poll to know which website/service you will use with Trigger Happy, the winner was Twitter, but I was not motivated enough to do it. I think the time has come to try again to manage it
  4. Some ideas from your wishlist ?
  5. feel free to fork it, contribute, report bug