I released a version 0.10.1 of the Trigger Happy project with :

News :

  • Search engine based on Haystack (when we have more than 30 triggers that begins to be useful:)
  • a Holidays mode, permits to pause all the triggers until you return, thus you will be really "disconnected" during your holidays :)

Improvments :

  • support Django 1.8
  • support python 3
  • support of some not well handled accented characters now fixed with a html_entities php like
  • contribution from Adrihein on the layout of the application

His friends too :

  • module Twitter : /!\ a column changed of type : bigint vs int
  • module Evernote : nothing special
  • module Pocket : nothing special
  • module RSS : nothing special
  • module Readability : nothing special
  • module Dummy : nothing special

Next :
I was not very productive on the version because in the meantime, I have lingered over
Crossbar.io / WAMP.WS / Autobahn to produce a sandbox wamp-th.

This one works great !
Some details need to be fixed and that should be ok ;)
Once it's done, that should replace the "managment commands" which are actually put in a crontab.

This should permit to speed up Trigger Happy again and make all funs interactions :)

Have Fun !

where to find the project
where to find the sources
where to find the doc

ps : I told myself there was no reason to not publish a post in English, as the majority of you on github dont come from France ;)