This API is like a story of old friends for me, destinies that cross and intersect.

Something like 10 years ago, I met @nicosomb on, a french community arround PunBB, where I was administrator.

After all that years, Nicolas made the PHP opensource project named "poche" at first, which became Wallabag, when on my side, after years, I stopped participating on Jelix, a PHP5 framework, for Python.

Then, when I started TriggerHappy and could integrate Pocket successfully, I asked to Nicolas If he planed to make an API that I then could integrate too... That was 2 years ago ;)

Today, Wallabag is now in version 2 and the API is ready. Thanks to him and to his wonderful team. So I finally could finish the Python API on my side too.

And now there is no more barrier to each of us to host our own Wallabag and TriggerHappy instance for our own pleasure ;)

How to create a post in wallabag ?

Here is a snipset to create a entry in your wallabag account :

from wallabag_api.wallabag import Wallabag
# settings
params = {'username': 'foxmask',
          'password': 'mypass',
          'client_id': 'myid',
          'client_secret': 'mysecret'}
my_host = 'http://localhost:8080'
# get token
token = Wallabag.get_token(host=my_host, **params)

# create a post
wall = Wallabag(host=my_host, client_secret='mysecret', client_id='myid', token=token)

my_url = ''
my_title = 'Trigger Happy blog'
my_tags = ['python', 'wallabag']

wall.post_entries(url=my_url, title=my_title, tags=my_tags)

this will give you something like this

wallabag post