Two weeks ago, I told to myself, to try a last thing to get out the project of anonymity, before stopping publishing news about it.

After all, I made the project for myself, If nobody needs it. It's Okkkkkkkkkay.

But after some nice comments and exchanges on, a friend, that I had lost sight of, decided to post the project on HackNews.

Then came the storm for the project.

A lot of things suddenly awoke in the same times.


The stars on the github page reached the double in 2 days. But, as the link on hackernews pointed to the home of TriggerHappy website, they had to search on this one where to find the source of github. Yes the link is in the bottom, but how many people does not scroll down and leave before ? That signal told me

hmm guys would seem to appreciate, as to reach that page, they come from the main page of the project, and the curiosity is awaken

Second :

The day after, a well known french website korben posted an article too. I thought "God, heaven can wait" :D

the stats of the website exploded November the 14th: 30.000 hits in 2 days. Reminder, the project is unknown until then, so the visits are mine :)


the day after, the project reachs the Python Github Trending : position 8. Behind were : Ansible, Django, Requests, not less ;) This, during a week.

Github Trending Python

Consequences :

Some nice mails (like one from an ex developper from ... :) and github issues for nices requests like supporting new service, and encouragements on IRC and Twitter, essentially from people that do not come from the Python univers, or from non-French developpers fom the Python world.

Here is a little part of the web, which spoke about Trigger Happy :


The madness is fallen, I can continue to sleep well without being overloaded by many requests ;) But of course, do not hesitate to ask for them, or drop a message to exchange ideas. for example like here.

May be one day I will post you an article about, not necessary about the product/project itself but about the guy, bameda, who helped me a lot about how to interact with Taiga with great kindness...

This is for this kindness and this exchanges that I always love to make things here and there, for the Open Source, my way.