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2017 a special year

this year was plenty of differents and rich activities from differents aspects

OpenSource activities

In 2015 my github activity concerned 90 contributions where in 2016 I increased by 400%, and finally by 50% more in 2017.

During this year, I published 7 releases for the project TriggerHappy, from 1.3.0 to 1.5.2.

New ideas, new needs

I started a new project with VueJS and Django to produce an a11y editor, with OpenDyslexia font, speech2text and text2speech.

I could quickly make something simple that works perfectly, but not for speech2text/text2speech where I still don't know how I could manage that part.

That project allowed me to discover a new world between VueJS and DRF. That was a real pleasure.

Now VueJS has progressed a lot, and other projects to bootstrap Django project with VueJS have been created to simplify everything, every steps, of the integration.

Hacktoberfest (october 2017)

An event that allows to meet dev arround the Trigger Happy project with the issues I opened and with other projects I submitted PR like Twython, Requests,, Cozy-debian, Dropbox Paper, Django Channels and so on.

At the end of the month I released a special "Hacktoberfest version 1.5.0" to thank every contributors.


I went to just two meetups this year, the Django Paris meetup in september, and one about VueJS/NextJS early this year. I hope to be able to go and see more of them next year.


As there are projects where I can't contribute, I make donations instead. This year was for Django Rest Framework. This is a really great project that is so powerful in its simplicity, and managed by really nice guys.

PSF Member

I joined the PSF also, and i'm now a PSF member in the middle of the armada of all the talented developers. We feel to be part of something bigger than us, and at the same time, a little grain of dust in the Python galaxy ;)

Journée des Femmes (march 2017)

A special day, where I offered the place of my blog, for women I knew, to publish articles on any subjects.

2018, End and Conclusion

Each year, when you are a lonly developer, there are a lot of moments where you don't have the mood to dive into anything, and moments where you are very motivated and ready to redo the world. Thus, I have many ideas about my main project for the next year, and i'd be glad to exchange with future contributors.

Finally, 2018 will be the year of my 20 years of contributions in the OpenSource world.

I will post about the path I followed since then, that cuold be fun to have a look at of thoses years :)

I wish you the best for the celebretion of Christmas